Dressing Up Your Holidays with Metallic Accesories

A little bit of sparkle and shine can often be just what I need to complete my outfit, especially during the holidays with all the fun events going on.  Check out these drool-worthy pieces and maybe add a few to your collection!
"Silver and gold.  Silver and gold.  Everyone wishes for silver and gold..."  (Name that old claymation classic Christmas movie!)  'Tis the season to wear everything sparkly and shiny!  Amiright?  Many of you saw the dress I wore to my husband's work Christmas party last weekend on Instagram and it got me thinking about just how much fun it is to wear things that sparkle and shine.  I've always been a lover of all things silver and that is most of what I wear when it comes to jewelry, but I've slowly started adding more gold to my wardrobe and accessories and I have to say that I'm loving it!  With all the holiday parties and get togethers this time of year, I thought it would be fun to share some of the pieces that I'm drooling over!

Rustic Paint Stick Snowflakes

Use paint sticks from a hardware store and some paint to make these fun and rustic snowflakes for your home!  I made 3 of them for less than $4!
When my husband and I got married, we were still in college and so we lived in a handful of apartments before we graduated and settled down into our home.  My decorations were really more of a collection of things that had been given to me or that I'd made or picked up from the dollar store and didn't really have any kind of cohesiveness.  So a few years ago, I started sifting through my Christmas and winter decorations and getting rid of anything that I didn't love, which was actually quite a bit.  I love decorating for different holidays and seasons but it can get a little tiresome to only have pieces up for a month or so before taking them down and starting all over again.  That's why I'm totally in love with these rustic snowflakes I made!  I can keep them up all winter long, plus they match the style of my regular home decor.

Why Christmas Cards Are Important {Plus Our Family Pictures!}

Sending Christmas cards is a simple act of kindness that can make a big difference in someone else's day!
It wasn't until my husband and I got married that I sent out my first Christmas card.  Even then, it was just a picture of the two of us with the words Merry Christmas and a short note about wishing the receiver the best in the coming year.  It was nothing fancy and I felt a little silly sending it out, but the flood of Christmas cards we got in return honestly filled my heart with happiness.  There is something about going out to your mailbox and opening it up to find mail that isn't an ad, bill or junk mail that can put a smile on your face.

Two Year Blogiversary + A Giveaway

Happy 2 year birthday to my blog!  Or as we bloggers like to call it: our "blogiversary".  These past two years have flown by and so much has happened.  When I started Sunshine & Munchkins, my goal was to share my thoughts, advice, projects and recipes with others in the hope that I could spread a little bit of sunshine and happiness.  But the truth is, as much as I love blogging for blogging sake, it really wouldn't be as fulfilling without you: the people who read my posts, take time to comment and go on to share them with others.  I also recently hit just over 1K followers on both my Facebook and Instagram!  And that is why I've decided to express my appreciation in a couple of ways: first, by sharing what I've learned; and second, by doing a giveaway!

Apple Pomegranate Fruit Salad

This apple pomegranate fruit salad is the one and only fruit salad recipe you will ever need!  Anyone who tries it always goes back for seconds (and thirds...).
One of the first things I learned about my husband's family when we were dating is that they were very serious about two things: pies and his mom's fruit salad.  Because we started dating in the late fall, I was around his family a lot during the holidays so I got to taste both of these "food groups" first hand. *wink*  I remember sitting at the kitchen counter helping my future mother-in-law de-seed a pomegranate for the fruit salad she was making.  I had already helped prep the rest of the fruit and the pomegranates were the last bit to go in.  Even as I was about to take my first bite of the completed dish, I was nervous that I wouldn't like it.  How was I going to be a part of this family if I didn't like their legendary fruit salad?  The good news: I loved it.  The better news: I got the recipe.

Gift Guide: Men

Gift Guide: Men--HUGE list of ideas for gifts to give the men in your life
If you ask my husband, he thinks that guys are really easy to buy for.  I tend to disagree.  When it comes to trying to figure out what to get him for a gift (whether it's Christmas, birthday, Father's Day, anniversary), it usually takes a lot of thinking on my part to come up with a gift I think he'd really like.  Thinking back on the types of gifts I give him, I realized they generally fall into three categories: practical, interest-based and sentimental.

Orange Creamsicle Cake with Orange Zest Cream Cheese Frosting

Serve this dreamy orange creamsicle cake with vanilla ice cream!  The fresh orange juice and zest in the cake and frosting give it the perfect amount of bright citrus flavor!
This cake almost didn't happen.  Between sick kids and feeling a little under the weather myself, this week completely slipped by and before I knew it, it was Thursday night and I realized that I had nothing, nothing, that I could share with you for this month's Year of Color theme of orange.  But my husband saved the day by running to the grocery store at 9pm last night and grabbing me some oranges and orange soda.  All so I could make this absolutely dreamy orange cake for you.  You're welcome. *wink*