$3 Back To School Wreath + $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway

Easy $3 back to school wreath using dollar store supplies!
One week.  That's how long I have left until my oldest child starts kindergarten.  I'm feeling conflicted between trying to to happy for her and not to think about it, but it's hard NOT to think about it when I'm being reminded by her every. single. day. because she's so excited.  I was one of those kids who actually really loved school (including college) so I'm glad to see her feeling positive about this new part of her life.  And with all the school supplies on sale, I decided to grab a few things and turn them into something fun: a $3 back to school wreath.

Make Your Own Cards Using Paper Scraps

Summer is coming to an end but that doesn't mean that you have to put away those bright colors yet!  I love wearing neon pink, yellow, coral and blue all spring and summer long and it makes me a little sad when I have to pack my clothes away for the fall.  (Neon doesn't go well with pale winter skin...)  Even if wearing bright colors isn't your thing, you can still make up some of these fun cards to have on hand when you just want to write a quick note to a friend or to include with a gift.

How To Convert An Old Crate Into A Bathroom Shelf

An old crate and a little chalk paint can transform into a fun and functional shelf for your bathroom!
In the six years since we moved into our current home, my design style and preferences have evolved and room by room, I've been making changes: towels, sheets, lampshades, pillows and so on.  Last month when I was at the thrift store picking up a piece to makeover for our Inspire My Creativity challenge, I also found an old crate that was sturdy and big, but it had dowels running through it and it was half painted.  I picked it up for $4 and brought it home with the desire to transform it into a shelf for our main bathroom.  I thought it would be pretty straightforward, but I ran into a few snags on the way.  See how I converted an old crate to a fun and functional bathroom shelf.

July In Numbers

July In Numbers | A monthly review using only numbers!
Hello, hello!  It seems like it's been forever since my last post.  I decided to take a couple weeks off from my blog and just hang out with my family but I'm back and I'm excited to share how my July was.  It was one of those months were we did a lot, but most of it was in single digits so no crazy made-up numbers this month. *wink*  Let's take a look!

30 Minute Shoulder Tie Dress

Only 1/2 yard of fabric and some ribbon make this cute shoulder tie dress a summertime staple! You can whip this out in about 30 minutes.
Happy Fri-yay!  I've been looking forward to this weekend all week because we've got some fun family activities planned, including a local rodeo.  The rodeo is actually what inspired today's post: a simple girls dress that ties at the shoulders.  This dress took me about an hour but I think I could have done it in about 30 minutes if I hadn't had my little "helpers" with me. *wink*

$10 at Target: Summer Fun Edition

$10 at Target: Summer Fun Edition  |  Join us for our monthly link up party on the third Monday of each month to see what we got for $10 at Target!
Is it just me, or is anyone else in disbelief about how quickly summer seems to be passing by?  School starts next month and with my first child going into kindergarten, I'm not sure that I'm ready for summer to be over.  However, I'm trying to embrace each day as it comes and that includes coming up with fun activities, wearing bright colors and eating lots of popsicles.  I took my daughter with me this last weekend when I went to Target and we found plenty that caught our eye.  I am a co-host for this challenge and it's been fun to see if I can stay right around the $10 limit.  Do you think you could do it?  See what we got below as part of this month's edition of $10 at Target!

Thrift Store Makeover: Message Board

Turn a thrift store find into a fun message board makeover!
I walked into the thrift store with a purpose: find a piece I could makeover into something practical for our family.  At any given moment I have 3 or 4 projects in progress, but that doesn't stop me from looking out for future projects, especially when I go to the thrift store. *wink*  I picked up one piece in particular that I thought was kind of ugly, but looked a little closer and found that it had some really great features and I knew what I wanted to do with it: a mini message board.