5 Fun {and Free} Disney Printables

I love these Disney quotes and even better that they are FREE printables!
I love Disney movies.  They make me laugh.  They make me cry.  And I have no problem admitting that I still watch them by myself sometimes at night.  So when I saw this month's prompt for Movie Club Monday was for Disney movies, I was so excited!  Then I felt a little bummed because I was having a hard time choosing just one movie to post about.  And then I thought, why choose just one?  So this month I'm sharing some of my favorite Disney movie quotes and song lyrics with you ("with you...with you...with you...with you...with you!")

$10 at Target: Back Seat Boredom Busters and Organization

When we bought our new van last fall, we moved my daughter to the back seat in preparation for when baby #3 would be joining us.  She loves having the back seat all to herself and being able to color and read to her heart's content, but unfortunately, it's become a bit of a mess due to a lack of organization.  I've been meaning to find something for her to store her different belongings, but it didn't happen.  That is, until I went to Target last week and found some awesome stuff in the dollar spot!

3 Baby Products To Bring You Peace of Mind

Since having baby #3 a little over five weeks ago, it's been quite a whirlwind and life is definitely more complicated with trying to manage everyone's schedules (and the baby's non-schedule) while still getting stuff done both around the house and outside the house.  Thankfully, there are some great products out there that will allow you to be more productive, help your baby get more sleep and give you peace of mind.  A few weeks ago, I shared some items that were on my wishlist for baby #3, including the DockATot, the Binxy Baby baby hammock and a swaddle from The Ollie World.  Since coming home from the hospital, all three of these products have been so helpful as we adjust to life as a family of five.

Springtime Butterfly Kit and Journal

Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year (minus the allergies, of course).  I love seeing all the new life: buds on the trees, flowers poking up through the dirt and baby animals.  The minute it's warm enough for my kids to start playing outside without a jacket and shoes, you can find them in our yard, digging in the dirt, catching bugs and chasing butterflies.  This year, we decided that a butterfly kit would be a fun way to welcome spring.

3 Ways My Happy Baby Wrap Makes Me A Better Mom

I'll be honest: I never thought of myself as a "baby wearing mom".  I just figured I'd hold my babies or put them in the swing or bouncer if I needed to when I was at home and keep them in the car seat, cart or stroller when we were out.  But do you know what I've learned since having my first baby over six years ago?  That I am a baby wearing mom and when I use my wrap, I am a better mom because of it.

7 Things To Pack To Make Your Hospital Stay More Comfortable

Nurse and mom approved list of 7 things you do not want to forget to pack when you stay at the hospital!
Whether your stay in the hospital is planned or unexpected, there are a few must-have items you should take with you to make your time there as comfortable as possible.  I've learned that while the hospital can supply you with the essentials, that doesn't mean what they provide is what you'd choose to use.

Movie Club Monday: 45+ Movies Based On Books

I had the best of intentions when it came to this month's theme for Movie Club Monday, but between having a new baby and then being in the hospital for a week with her when she was two weeks old for RSV and bacterial pneumonia, I wasn't able to do what I had in mind.  So that led me to plan B where I decided to poll some of my friends and find out what their favorite movies based on a book are.  Being a book lover, I have a hard time when books get adapted into movie form because inevitably they will have to leave parts out and sometimes they even change significant parts of the story line.  But every once in a while, you find a movie that stays pretty true to the book and it's enjoyable to sit back and watch the movie on a screen.  So I've listed out over 20 books that have been adapted to film and are worth looking into.