My Hospital Bag Packing List {Plus FREE Printable}

Pack your hospital bag ahead of time using the free printable packing list included!
Being prepared when I leave my house, whether we're going to the store, the park or a play date, is something that makes me feel more confident and in control.  And when it comes to packing my hospital bag, I like to do it ahead of time so I'm not worrying about what I do or don't have when the time comes to leave for the hospital.  Even though I'm only about 36 weeks right now, many of the items I'll be bringing with me can be packed ahead of time.  Whether you're a first time mom or one whose done this a time or two, scroll through this list and see if there is something you might have forgotten to pack.  I'd love to hear what else you'd add!

$10 at Target: Spring Refresh

We've been having some very un-winter like weather the last couple of weeks, which is probably why I was so drawn to the bright spring colors and decor at the dollar spot when I went to Target this last weekend.  (Although we do have a winter storm warning in effect right now, so my dreams of spring may get put on hold for a little bit longer.)  I love decorating for spring and have slowly been getting rid of my old decor and transitioning to pieces that are more my current style.  I love bright colors, as well as the flexibility to use different pieces over multiple seasons.  I can't wait to officially start decorating for spring with these fun items.  And can you believe I scored them for less than $10?

DIY Dollar Store Jeweled Vases

I made these pretty jeweled vases using craft supplies that can all be found at the dollar store!
I've mentioned before that the dollar store is one of my favorite places to find craft supplies.  If you haven't taken the time to browse the craft aisle, definitely do it the next time you're there.  You might be surprised!  When I walked in last week, I didn't have anything specific in mind in terms of what I wanted to do for this month's Inspire My Creativity challenge.  After throwing a few items into my cart, an idea formed and that is how I came up with this month's craft: jeweled vases.  (And I'm not kidding when I say this is probably one of the the quickest and easiest crafts I've ever made!)

A Wish List Gift Guide for Baby #3

Wish List and Gift Guide for Baby #3
At almost 36 weeks, preparing for my third baby has been a different experience than with my other two kids, partially because my wish list is a lot different.  I already have all the bigger items, like a portable crib and double stroller, and a lot of the basics like a car seat and burp cloths.  But where I noticed a desire for new items were those things that would make my life as a mom of three kids easier.  My youngest is almost four which means that there are a lot of new products on the market and I definitely want to get my hands on them!  Today I'm sharing my baby #3 wish list and I'd love to hear what you think or what you'd add.

Cinnamon Roll Bites for Two

These yummy cinnamon roll bites for two is the perfect solution to those late night cravings for a cinnamon roll or when you don't have time (or patience) to make a whole batch!
One of the first things I learned to make in my 7th grade Home Ec class was a classic monkey bread using refrigerator biscuits, cinnamon, sugar and butter.  While I was familiar with baking and did it a lot at home, I'd never made these before and thought they were delicious, especially when eaten warm from the oven.  I found out quickly however, that monkey bread left to cool, sit and eat reheated was hard, crunchy and not nearly as good as fresh.  I've tried out different recipes for monkey bread over the years, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon one calling them cinnamon roll bites that a light went off in my head.  With a little bit of tweaking, I was able to create a recipe for cinnamon roll bites for two and the bonus is that they taste just as good when you reheat them. *wink*

5 Tips For When You're Sick and Pregnant

Being sick and pregnant is hard.  These 5 tips are so simple but definitely make a difference in helping me feel better faster!
Being sick as a mom can be really draining on multiple levels: mentally, physically and emotionally.  Not to mention that we often need to keep up with all our regular responsibilities around the house, helping kids with school or other activities, meals and anything else that's on our plates.  Add in being pregnant and you might just be feeling like death warmed over.  This is exactly how I've been feeling up until the last few days or so.  I've been sick four different times since Thanksgiving and I've felt so run down and not a very fun or engaged mom and wife.  While the options for what we can do do help ourselves feel better are more limited when pregnant, there are some tried and true ways that can help you get back on your feet a little bit faster.

Movie Club Monday: The Princess Bride Inspired Taste Testing Activity for Kids

You know those movies that you grow up watching that you absolutely love?  The ones you could watch a million times and quote all the lines and still enjoy it?  For me, one of those movies is The Princess Bride.  My sisters and I would watch it together and anytime one of us would quote it (either in or out of context), we'd all bust up laughing because it just never got old. "That's inconceivable!"  "I'm a poet, did you know it?" and "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die." are just a few that make the rounds and it always takes me back.  Last month, I shared some monthly link parties that I am going to be participating in this year.  Today is the first one that is part of the Movie Club Monday series and the theme is nostalgic films.