The ULTIMATE All Things Valentines Round Up

The ULTIMATE round up of all things Valentines!
Less than two weeks ago, an idea popped into my head.  It went something along the lines of, "Holy crap!  Valentine's Day is going to be here in a month!  I need some new ideas, yummy recipes, crafts, printables, beauty... I need all things Valentines!"  I hopped on a few Facebook groups and asked my blogging friends to submit their Valentines posts for what I hoped would be an ultimate Valentines round up.  I didn't just want crafts or recipes.  I wanted something where I could find a ton of different ideas centered around Valentines all in one place.  And that, my friends, is how this post came into being.

4 Ways To Keep Moving Forward

In order to progress in life, we have to keep moving forward.  Learn 4 ways to help you stay positive and on the path to your goals.
Last week, I posted about the campaign I got involved in called "I Am Amazing Because..."  The purpose and goal of this campaign is to promote confidence and positivity by recognizing the talents and abilities and characteristics of those around us that we find amazing and unique and then telling them.  We, as individuals, should be included in this recognition and often I think we forget or downplay what is amazing about ourselves.  When I shared my post last week, I wrote that one of the qualities in myself that I find amazing is my ability to keep moving forward.

DIY Hanging Necklace Holder

Make your own hanging necklace holder using a piece of scrap wood and some cute drawer knobs!
When my husband and I first moved into our house almost 6 years ago, we had our first shared closet since we'd been married 3 years before.  Up until that point, we'd always lived in apartments and all of them had small closets.  Or maybe they just seemed small to me considering all of my clothes fit into one closet with no room leftover for my husband...  My poor hubby always had to use the closet in the second bedroom for his clothes in each of the places we lived.  So when we moved into our home, we had a bigger closet, which was great.  But there wasn't any room for me to put my jewelry.  I don't like keeping it out on my dresser and prefer to have it out of reach of little hands.  So what to do?

Mommy Style Monday: Water Beads

Water beads are a fun, simple and inexpensive activity for younger children and there are so many ways to play with them!
There is something about January that I really dislike.  If my daughter's birthday wasn't during this month, I would be totally fine to just get rid of it all together.  I'm not sure where you live, but here in Utah we tend to get a lot of cold, overcast, snowy, rainy, slushy days in the winter.  My kids live for the outdoors, so wintertime is hard on them (and me).  I am a warm weather, sunshine loving person and can get a little bit of seasonal depression during this time of year.  I've found that staying busy is a big help and trying to rotate through a variety of activities helps my kids from going too stir crazy. *wink*

Book Review: The Magic of Ordinary Days by Ann Howard Creel {Plus Book Club Discussion/Questions}

Book Review: The Magic of Ordinary Days by Ann Howard Creel (plus book club discussion/questions)
Earlier this week, my book club met together to discuss our most recent book choice: The Magic of Ordinary Days by Ann Howard Creel.  Prior to the book being introduced at our last meeting, I hadn't heard of it but a few of the people in our group had and the general feeling was positive.  The title definitely caught my attention because it seems like a contradiction.  I was able to read through it in a few days and it kept my attention throughout.

I Am Amazing Because...

Wow, can you believe we are already into the second week of the new year?  Christmas seems like a distant memory and school is back in swing for many kids (mine included).  If you're anything like me, you consider the new year a time for new beginnings.  A time to start doing something we want to or stop doing something we don't want or like.  We make goals to change something about ourselves.  To improve.  We make plans to travel, visit family or friends or try something new.  While this is all fine and well, it can get kind of overwhelming if we let ourselves get too caught up in the 'new year, new you' slogan that seems to permeate this time of year.

Copycat Olive Garden Lemon Cream Cake

Moist white cake, fluffy lemon cream filling and a buttery crumb topping.  This cake rivals Olive Garden's lemon cream cake and you'd never guess it starts with a store bought cake mix!
Three years ago, my husband celebrated his 30th birthday.  I wanted to do something special for him but he's not big into parties or being in the spotlight.  However, one thing my husband loves is lemons.  Any dessert with lemons in it and he is in heaven.  So I set out to find a lemon cake that would blow all other lemon cakes out of the water.  And guys...I found it.