My Week In Pictures

My Week In Pictures
Almost 2 weeks ago, I broke my phone.  I ordered a new one the same day it broke and was told it wouldn't get to me for 10 days.  I was pleasantly surprised (read: ecstatic) when it showed up on my doorstep four days early!  If you're anything like me, you use your phone to take pictures.  In fact, that is what uses up most of my phone's storage space.  Ever since I got my first camera in junior high (yay for film!) I've been taking pictures of anything and everything.  When I can't remember where we were or what we did on a holiday a previous year, I check my photo albums.

So maybe you can imagine how weird it was not to have my phone/camera within easy reach for a week.  My kids would do something funny or cute and I'd reach for my phone only to remember it wasn't there.  While I'm sad I wasn't able to capture some of those moments, it was also nice to just be in the moment with them.  Not having easy access to a camera was a good reminder for me to enjoy my kids and the little moments and not worry about capturing everything on camera.  The scrapbooking part of my brain disagrees. *wink*
However, since I got my phone back, I've been taking pictures again and thought it would be fun to share some of the random moments that go on my life.

My Week In Pictures

Top row (left to right): 1) Spider in a kid sized magnifying container, 2) Trying out the new donut floaty, 3) My daughter taking a selfie of us
Middle row (left to right): 1) Clip on earrings and clip in hair, 2) Twinner hair, 3) Laughing at dinnertime
Bottom row (left to right): Lounging with my little buddy, 2) Sideways Spiderman hat, 3) Father's Day (with my husband on the left and my dad on the right)

Happy Hump Day!  I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week.

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